• Wind: North at 2.2 MPH (1.94 KT)
  • Air Temp: 50.2 °F

A little bit about us…

Elliott Bay Marina was conceived and built by four local boating enthusiasts. Construction at the base of Magnolia began in 1989 after a lengthy 10 year permitting process.

The site was a shallow and exposed barren mud flat.
The three year construction process began with the back-filling of the shore side bulkhead, followed by the breakwater and finally the marina.

Once completed Elliott Bay Marina is the largest private marina on the West Coast, boasting 1,250 in water slips, 10 miles of dock, and a country club environment with panoramic views of the Seattle skyline.

Our Green Initiative

Elliott Bay Marina is committed to keeping our water and environment clean while providing facilities for recreational boaters. Protecting our waters, marine life, fish, and waterfowl from boat and marina pollutants is a major goal of our organization. Our staff, along with every boater must work together to keep our marina and environment clean!

Our Team

Our team is compiled of boating enthusiasts who are here to make your experience at Elliott Bay Marina the best it can possibly be. Meet our staff below and we look forward to seeing you around the marina!

Dwight Jones


General Manager

Brandon Baker


Harbormaster/Director of Marketing

Jordan Glidden


Assistant Harbormaster

Reier Reiersgaard


Facilities Manager

Dennis Halpin


Dock Hand/Insurance Manager

Kat Binder


Administration Manager

Joe Weibler


Harbormaster's Office

Mike McKibbon

Dock Hand

Ben Stuart

Dock Hand

Dustin Dallas


Dave Swanson



Anne Bryson


Fuel Dock

Bill Byers

Night Shift

Harrison Shanahan


Fuel Dock

Nick Sams

Dock Hand

Markham Scott

Dock Hand

Site Design by Jordan Crown

Give us a call at 206.285.4817
  • Wind: North at 2.2 MPH (1.94 KT)
  • Air Temp: 50.2 °F