Casual starts at each of the Center Sound Series races!

Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle is offering “on March 4, 11 and 25.

The Casual Class races offers a more relaxed, perhaps less intimidating, entrée into spring sailboat racing – as well as an alternative for boats that are more cruisers than racers and/or may have older sails, less experienced crews, etc., but still want to have a good sailing experience.  This approach appeals to many sailors, as shown by the success of the Elliot Bay Thursday night series, the Lake Union Duck Dodge and casual/cruiser classes at both the South Sound and Tri-Island Series.

The advantages of the CYC Casual Class races are:

  • Shorter courses – generally about half the length of the longer Center Sound (CS) races
  • Less Expensive – $30 per race, half the cost of the longer CS races
  • Separate Starts – start after the longer CS racers
  • Flying Sail and non-Flying Sail options – you don’t need to fly a spinnaker if you prefer not to (or don’t have one!).
  • If a boat does not have a race rating, CYC will help you get a handicap rating in order to race.
  • Social events after the races at the CYC Shilshole Bay clubhouse.
  • Awards for top finishers

All are welcome.  CYC and PHRF memberships are NOT required.  You can race in any one or more of the races.

Casual Class starts will be around 10:30 am, allowing sufficient time for boats to easily motor to the Shilshole Marina area from Elliot Bay in time.   Starting order and times will be determined based on the number of boats registered and will be posted on the CYC website and Clubhouse by the Friday before each race.

Join everyone at the CYC clubhouse after the race to swap stories, and enjoy a beverage.

On the Friday nights before the races, CYC will host skipper/crew meet and greets and information meetings about the upcoming races, including tides, forecasted winds, general tactics, etc.  Lot’s of people will be available to answer any questions.

More information regarding and registration for Center Sound Casual Classes are available at the CYC website:   Select any of the Center Sound Races to find more information under “Casual Class Information”, such as how to get a rating, how to have a coach on board if wanted, the actual courses and basic racing rules for new sailors.

Please contact the CYC Office (206-789-1919) , or the CYC Fleet Captain ( )  with any questions.