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Fuel Dock

Current Fuel Prices

Gas: $5.60

Includes Tax | Ethanol Free

Marine Diesel
Marine Diesel: $5.15

Includes Tax

Current Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5pm

Friday – Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Contact Info

Telephone: 206-282-8424 or Email: fueldock@elliottbaymarina.com


Cash Discount: $0.06/gallon

Gallons Discount
200 $0.05
500 $0.10
750 $0.12
1000 $0.15
1000+ CONTACT Fuel Dock

Dock Store

  • Light groceries
  • Free Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Cider
  • Premium Beer & Wine
  • Bait and Tackle
  • Boat Supplies
  • Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals
  • Block and crushed ice available
  • T-Shirts/Burgees
Fuel Dock

I was half way up the dock with my granddaughter just as Tom had closed was walking to the parking lot. I just needed a gallon of gas and told him that I could come back when he was open.

He insisted on re-opening the store just for my measly gallon (And a pack of chips for Akemi). Elliott Bay is a world class marina, but in many ways it’s like a little village dock.

Thanks for making EB the best marina anywhere.

~ Stefan Ulstein

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  • Wind: Calm
  • Air Temp: 55 °F