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Elliott Bay Rates

Monthly Moorage Rates
Guest Moorage Rates
Additional Services

2024 Moorage Rates

Size Base Total Fee
32′ $634.90 $711.43
36′ $732.60 $816.67
38′ $789.43 $877.75
40′ $849.90 $942.69
46′ $1,011.41 $1,116.41
47′ $1,067.60 $1,176.39
52′ $1,527.24 $1,665.72
53′ $1,556.61 $1,697.27
62′ $1,898..27 $2,063.21
63′ $1,928.89 $2,096.08
*If the boat is longer than the length of the slip the rate is based on the L.O.A. (Length Overall). This includes bow pulpits with anchors, in addition to, davits with dinghies on the stern.
*Liveaboard moorage is not permitted.

Total Fees Includes:

  • The DNR fee is currently $.42/ft. for leasing the breakwater from the Department of Natural Resources.
  • The Utility fee ($25.00/month) covers a portion of the cost for trash, water, cable TV, landscaping, and security.
  • The Tribal Surcharge is 6% of the monthly base fee.

Additional Fees:

  • Dinghy Storage, if required – $25.00 per month ($50 per month for non-licensees).
  • Electricity will be billed at electric company rates per kilowatts used.

Guest Moorage Rates

Boat Length Price per foot
0-64ft $2.12*
65-99ft $2.65*
100ft – 124FT $3.18*
125FT – 174FT $3.71*
175FT+ $4.24*
Hourly Moorage $10 (3 hours of moorage)
Effective January 1st, 2023 guest moorage rates include a 6% fee added for the Tribal Surcharge.
Power Costs

30 amp – $3/day

50 amp – $10/day

100 amp – $100/day

Additional Services

  • Slip-side Pump Outs (Tuesdays & Thursdays) – $25.04
  • Emergency Pump Out (non-regular days) – $60
  • Dinghy Storage – $25/month
  • Cleat Installation – $150/cleat
  • Stray Current Testing – Free

I’ve moored my boat at Elliott Bay Marina for well over 20 years. This marina goes far beyond a breakwater, docks and amenities making this is a “special” place unique in so many ways. With its park like grounds, close access to downtown Seattle, the breathtaking views, and certainly not to overlook the marina staff’s desire to serve its Customers; consistently exceeding the tenants expectations for service, offers so much more than just a “marina.” Your stay here will be memorable in many ways if for only an overnight stay or should you be fortunate to stay for years it’s an experience you and your family will always treasure.

~ Vance Webster

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  • Wind: Calm
  • Air Temp: 55 °F