UPDATE: Sailing Around the World with Andy Stephens

It wasn’t that long ago that Andy Stephens, former Elliott Bay Marina employee, took off on his solo journey to sail around the world. Many of us followed him on his website, sailingwithandy.com, as he headed down the West Coast then turned his bow West and aimed for Hawaii. Months later he ended up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was exploring the lands of Asia. As we continued to check on the GPS location of his  boat, we noticed he hadn’t began to make the next leg of his journey to India.

Just a few weeks ago, it was just another day at Elliott Bay when out of the blue Andy walked in the door of the Harbormaster’s Office for a surprise visit. He was back home visiting for a few weeks and figured he would stop by to catch up. We asked about his stories about crossing the Pacific, close encounters with possible pirates, and what his next plans were. Turns out Andy had just accepted a teaching position in Japan and is now living there full time!

Cheers to you Andy on your next adventure, we hope to see your friendly face back for a visit at Elliott Bay sometime soon!

Check out the article below by Julie Muhlstein of the Everett Herald.

Everett sailor’s global voyage gives way to a love of Japan