Parking Lot Paving & Sealing Project - REVISED

Due to wet weather, our parking lot project schedule has been revised. Please see the new table below and park accordingly if you plan to visit this weekend. The new start date for the project will be May 7th!
We understand those warm temperatures are on the horizon for this weekend and that boating is open – both are exciting pieces of news. With that said, the rescheduled timeline is not ideal. With any project, we try to minimize the impact to our customers and create as little disruption as possible. Please bear with us as we work through this improvement. Of course, many of you are asking, but why now?
  1. We need dry weather! Wintertime would be a great time to close the lot, but mother nature does not cooperate.
  2. Gov. Inslee has finally cleared this type of work to be completed; otherwise, we would have tried for an earlier date!
  3. We want the lot in pristine condition for the upcoming season, and we must sacrifice May 7th-11th to make that a reality.


What does this mean for you boaters:
  • Vehicles in the parking lot need to be moved off the property.
  • While the work is being completed, pedestrian access through the parking lot will be restricted.
  • The work will be completed in three phases. If you visit the marina, please use the street parking or refer to the below schedule for available spaces.
  • All cars must be moved from the designated work areas the night before paving is scheduled; refer to the below table.

If you have a vehicle on the property and cannot personally move it, there are two options;

  1. The marina staff can coordinate moving the car with written permission – you will be in charge of getting keys to our office.
  2. A towing company will be onsite to assist with the project. In the case that cars impede the work area, vehicles will be towed to the street area. Owners will be responsible for paying the fee.
Thank you in advance – your cooperation will help us complete this project in a timely fashion! Please note, wet weather can delay the start or finish date; the date ranges provided assume that no delays are incurred. You might not share our same enthusiasm for new pavement, but we assure you the finished product will be warmly welcomed.
For updates, please call or email our office.